How to Easily Avoid Procrastination and Get Succeeded ?

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Are you struggling to achieve perfect time management?

Is your productivity wearing out?

Not to worry about this now.

We human beings are quite familiar with the phenomenon of Procrastination. It is always easier to delay the work rather than to do it . You know what, “Procrastination of work just doubles your work in the upcoming time and thus decreases your productivity”. Let us organize you and drag your success.

Here I’m going to share with you “How to avoid procrastination and laziness”. The first thing you have to do is to read the entire article without prolonging it .Go through this step by step:

1. Create a Deadline When there is a deadline looming over your head, it will be difficult for you to avoid it and the closing time of any task will buzz you all the time to work on the task as we are used to submitting our school and college products at the last minute.

2.Clarify Your Goals If procrastination is deep down into your habits, first clarify your goal . Ask yourself a few questions; What, When and How to achieve it. Make a to-do list on the basis of your priority and keep a check on it.

3.Organise Your Environment An unorganized working area just produces lazy vibes. Design your office place or the working table in a way that it clicks your mind to achieve the target. The more organized the place is, the more capacity to work it will produce.

4.Inspire Yourself Keep yourself motivated. Use motivational quotes , your idol’s images as wallpaper of your mobile or laptop which will persistently inspire you to accomplish your decided goal.

5.Carrot and Stick Praise yourself for achieving even a small step and vice versa punish for the non completion of the same.

Things You Must Avoid:

1.Setting Higher and Dreaming Goals Always make an achievable list. Keep your goals small and clear. Creating huge goals brings tediousness and distracts your focus.

2.Working without Break Take breaks in between , so it should not drain your energy. Human body needs some rest too.

3.Being Socially Active all The Time Social apps are good for change of mind but excessive use of it wastes your precious time. Off notifications for a while when concentrating on work.

Now We Should Talk About Some Smart Ways to Achieve Your Personal Goals:

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• Pen down your goal first and make sure, it should be specific.

• Measure out the resources you will need including the tools, mentors and skills.

• Figure out the limitations and outcomes.

• Give yourself some time limitation in detail, pointing out daily, weekly or monthly targets, if any.

Let’s Conclude it with My Personal Relevant Experience:

I always have a dream to work as a professional writer. I have gone through some related sites, some you tube videos for a day or two and contented myself saying, nobody can become a writer in 6 or 7 days as I found some workshops there.

The procrastination of work trapped my mind and I spent almost a year doing nothing. Lots of people suggested that I should start writing blogs and I always prolonged quoting some lame reasons: I don’t have such time; I don’t have much knowledge; I don’t have financial resources etc.

One day, I was going through my Facebook page and I found a workshop conducted by CONTENT VIDHYA. I opened it and found it genuine. The very next day I registered for the course as I knew it before, prolonging it will only make me lose another opportunity and this time I want progress.

The result is in front of you, writing this article for all of you, who think we can’t overcome our habit of procrastination.

Best of luck for your future. Please be sure to give feedback , if you find this article fulfills your requirements. Apply it in your life and enjoy the results.



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