If Corona Had Spread Digitally

Have you ever wondered how would be the environment if corona had spread digitally instead of social contact?

I had a shocking dream last night. I saw the above news and switched off my phone first to be safe at any cost. I was worried about the circumstances I had to face in absence of internet. All my work had come to halt. Mornings without Whatsapp messages , nights without uploading the whole day story on Instagram.

Looking at my Bluetooths made the situation more horrified for me. The neckband is no less than the Mangalsutra for our generation. The next day , I found myself among the huge crowd for booking tickets , my Sunday was consumed in purchasing grocery that I generally book online.

On the other hand, it gave me a break from the fear of being socially inactive. I lost myself in the fragrance of books. I have free time at home without being worried for office work that I used to do at home disturbing the family time. then suddenly the alarm bell rung and I checked the reality that it was just a horrible dream.

How would you feel if it actually happened?

What reaction you could have?

How would it have affected the society?

Just imagine, you wake up one morning and this is the front page news. What would be the first step you do? The digital lockdown would be a hilarious one in my views though every situation has its own pros and cons.

Let’s Talk About the Merits First :

· Teen agers would play outdoor games. They would have more social interaction than the virtual one. Instead finding solutions on internet they would be prone to discuss it with their friends and family.

· Blog-readers would have engaged themselves with a variety of books.

· A tremendous fall in cyber frauds could be seen. Internet has become a breeding ground for approximately all crimes.

· Home would not have become office. No need left to indulge yourself in laptops, providing instant services.

· Students would not have missed their classes in order to stay updated with the syllabus and other exam information since they would not get any help with free you tube lectures.

· Instead of putting status and stories on social platforms, people would wishing one another on their special days.

The Demerits Which We Would Have Faced if Corona Spread Digitally :

· No online bill payments , taking appointments , booking tickets , applying for services would have become really hectic. There would be a long queue on every counter, wasting a number of hours for a work that could be done in few minutes.

· It would have brought down the economy. As ever since the commercialization of the Internet , the business world has seen a drastic change. The virtual business is blossoming day by day. It has bridged the gap between factory and customers. Some recent study shows people love to shop online with lots of handy offers in their comfort zone.

· It would have curbed the entertainment. You , I and many more people interested in web-series , latest music , online games , movies etc would find the digital lockdown boring.

Only thinking about this situation brought me goose bumps. To be very honest , I am somewhere addicted to the internet. My phone never gets switched off for even a minute. I generally reply to messages and comments as soon as I received them.

Please let me know in the comments section, “How would you have felt if this situation had occurred for real.” Do follow my blog for lots of such content and show your love for the post.



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Manisha Singh

Manisha Singh

Working as a Tutor of English Grammar. M.A. in English Literature . A poet by heart . Igniting the fire of a Writer inside me. “A bird looking for its Sky.”